Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Potty Training

Up until about a week or so ago, Kinsley was absolutely TERRIFIED of the potty. I mean screaming and stiffing her body when you go to put her on it scared. I was ok with it and was in no hurry to potty train her. Well, I did have a goal to have her using the potty before summer was over. After all, she will be the last baby in the house unless, God decides otherwise considering there is about a 1% chance of me getting pregnant. So, on with the story... About a week ago, she decided the potty might not be so bad after all and wanted to sit on it with her toddler seat on it. So, we sat on the potty and talked about what should happen. Still, I was in no hurry and not getting my hopes up. The next couple of days she started wanting to sit on the potty all the time. In fact, she started climbing on the big potty all by herself. Then it hit me, whether I was ready of not, Kinsley was ready to be potty trained. A few days ago, while we were home, I put in her big girl panties and started taking her every 30 mins or so while we were home. We read books, turned on the water, sang songs, and even put her hands in warm water. Guess what...she finally PEE PEED. The child was SO EXCITED!!! The next day we did the same thing. She had several accidents, however, it made her realize what was happening. Today she has been amazing! Earlier I heard her yelling, "Mommy, I did it." I didn't realize where she was and I found her sitting on the potty smiling from ear to ear. She said, "I put pee pee in there." Of course her big sisters and I all jumped with joy and praised her and rewarded her. She has went ALL DAY with no accidents. Well, pee pee accidents anyway. She did poop in her swim diaper at the pool. She hasn't pooped in the potty yet. Hopefully soon. She has basically potty trained herself.