Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The girls and pregnancy update

All 3 of us had doctor's appointment yesterday. My appointment was great, BP was pretty good, baby's heartbeat strong, and I have not gained a single pound from my first doctor's appt. I still weigh about 20 lbs less than pre-pregnancy weight. Of course, I still throw up everyday, but it doesn't last all day like before. My energy is finally starting to return. WHOO HOOO! As of now, unless I change my mind, her name will be Kensley Madison, or Kinsley, or Kensleigh. I am not sure of the spelling yet either.

The girls are healing well. It has been a VERY HARD two weeks, but they are finally better, with the exception of their speech. The doctor said to give them another month and if it doesn't improve, he will look into options such as speech therapy. I can already see a HUGE difference in how they sleep and breathe. I will post pictures later, but for several years now, Kaley has stuck her tongue out everytime she was playing, swimming, or any type of activity. I always thought it was habit, but guess what, she doesn't do it anymore. The poor child couldn't breathe.

Other than that, not much has been going on. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on Kelsey & Kaley

Please say a little prayer for my babies. Yesterday was terrible. I could not get them to eat of drink ANYTHING, with the exception of a tiny drink here and there and one lick of a Popsicle every now and then, only to have them say, "I can't Mommy." They were so lethargic and pitiful yesterday. I have NEVER seen my girls like this, even when Kelsey was in the hospital with what they thought was meningitis. I am praying today is better. If not, I will be calling the doctor I guess. I have always heard Day 3 was the worst, so we'll see. Monday, they did great all day. I think it was the Morphine they gave them during surgery because they were bouncing off the walls. Tuesday, they still drank and ate but felt worse and were very clingy and not wanting me out of their sight, and Wed. was just terrible.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surgery in the morning

Please say a little prayer for me, Kelsey,and Kaley. They will be having their tonsils and adenoids taken out in the morning. I know this is not major and tons of kids go through it, but I am so scared for them. It breaks my heart to know the pain they will be feeling. Please pray the surgery goes well and they have a quick recovery.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cold Chills

I have cold chills after the comment Kelsey just said to my Mom. We were both in their room tucking them in. Every night one of the girls goes in gets in the bed with my Mom during the night, but last night Kelsey came and got in the bed with me. Kaley was still in her bed this morning. Anyway, Mom asked her why she got in my bed and she said, "Well, I came to get in your bed but Papa was in the bed and I didn't think you wanted me to, so I went and got in the bed with Mama." She was serious as she could be and said nothing else about it. My Mom and I both looked at one another, in shock I guess. Last Saturday morning, Kaley was sitting in the bed with my Mom and she said, "Papa is sitting here and he is giving me a hug." One other recent incident by the girls was, 2 Sundays ago at church we were walking in to church thru the back door. The girls both at the same time yelled, "Hey Papa" and started smiling and waving. I thought they were talking to my Papa, but he was no where in sight. They were looking at Daddy's grave when they did that, and then proceeded into church.