Sunday, August 31, 2008

Congrats and Birthday Wishes to my Hubby!

Yesteray was Shane's 33rd Birthday. He has been out in the field training this past week and is now gone on a wilderness hike with some buddies so I haven't gotten to talk to him. Anyways...CONGRATULATIONS to him also for being promoted and receiving his SGT stripes! Way to Go! Actually, way to go ME because without me he wouldn't have gotten promoted yet. I spent many nights while in Alasksa working on some things for him to help him get his promotion points up!

Friday, August 29, 2008

A bug is floating around

Kelsey and Kaley have got some sort of nasty bug. Kaley came from from school on Tuesday with a fever but was feeling some what better on Wed. Kelsey came home with a fever on Wed. They were both complaining of headaches and that their neck was hurting. I was thinking, "OH NO!!!" We went through this exact same thing last year at the exact same time. Kelsey was put in the hospital for 3 days with what they thought was meningitis. THe poor baby had to have a spial tap and so many test. They never determined what was wrong. ANyways, her symptoms were fever, neckache, headache, and she was extremely lathargic. Okay, so I got sidetracked. Yesterday (thurs) they woke up with no fever but snotty noses. They felt good yesterday with the exception of a snotty nose, but during the night last night the fevers struck again! I didn't sleep because they didn't sleep. Poor Kaley tossed and turned so much. She started crying saying, "Mommy, I can't sleep." The child was buring up so I gave her Motrin, turned the fan on and just put a sheet over her to cool her off. She slept better after that. That was 5am. When I got her up for school at 6:40 am her fever had broke. She was all sweaty and sticky. Anyways...they were feeling okay this morning so I sent them to school. I hate for them to miss school already and it just started. But yet, I can't keep them out everytime they get a snotty nose either. Anyways...I pray they start feeling better. I try to avoid the doctors office as much as possible. My girls despise going to the doctor and are afraid, and they act TERRIBLE!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Big Deal

Only to mom's to twins do I think this is probably a big deal, but MY BABIES DECIDED THEY WANTED TO DRESS DIFFERENT FOR SCHOOL TODAY! I'm kind of excited but am sad at the same time. I know this means they are really growing up:( Normally if I try to dress them different they will fuss and try to convinve the other one to wear them same thing until they do.

Friday, August 22, 2008

What A Day!

Let's just say, I'm praying today is better! Kelsey and Kaley were whinning, fussing, and crying from the moment we got home from school. Kaley has THE WORST tantrum I think I've ever seen her have yesterday evening over something crazy! THe child was histerical. She hit Kelsey as hard as she could and made her fall in the bathroom floor. She intentionally splashed half the water out of the bathtub into the floor. On top of this both of the screaming to the top of their lungs because I told them they were going to bed. Wow...I hope everyday isn't like this. I know they were tired. They aren't use to getting up so early (neither am I), but it was just a horrible day for us all! They woke up in a good mood this morning so I hope it stays that way. They were excited about going to "PT" as they say. (PE) They are use to hearing their daddy talk about PT!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kelsey came home with one less teeth

When the girls got in the car, their little mouths starting running a mile a minute. They loved school, they loved their teacher, and they said their principle was super super nice. Half way home, Kelsey says, "Oh, my tooth fell out at school today and I had to see the doctor." Her top tooth was really loose and I had a feeling that would happen. She has been begging me the past 2 days to pull it, but I was holding off. It fell out while she was eating lunch.

My Babies are Kindergartners

My Babies are growing up:( I walked them in their brand new beautiful school this morning and walked away from 2 smiling, happy little girls who had already made a new friend. I am lost right now. I have no idea what to do with myself. I am very excited for them. I met their teacher yesterday and she seemed so sweet. I know they will do fine, but I can't wait to go pick them up. They are most excited about carrying their own tray in the lunch room and sitting at a table without a grown up.

My Babies are growing up:( I walked them in their brand new beautiful school this morning and walked away from 2 smiling, happy little girls who had already made a new friend. I am lost right now. I have no idea what to do with myself. I am very excited for them. I met their teacher yesterday and she seemed so sweet. I know they will do fine, but I can't wait to go pick them up. They are most excited about carrying their own tray in the lunch room and sitting at a table without a grown up.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home again! Home again!

So, I have now been up for about 30 hours. Everyone else (over 300 people) decided they would do like normal people do during the night and sleep, except for my two wonderful children. Both girls slept for about 45 mins. (Kaley on the 7 hr. flight from Anc. to Atl.. and Kelsey on the flight from Atl. to Clt.) Yep, and they just went to bed about an hour ago around 8 pm. I'm drained! More drama to come....stay tuned!! Good Nite!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Going Home!

The girls and I will be leaving at 7 pm tonight and arriving in Charlotte at 9am in the morning. Please pray we have a safe flight home.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aching Heart

Tomorrow we have to say Goodbye, AGAIN! I am hurting so bad. This is possibly going to be the last time I see him for a year (until his R&R from Afganistan). He is hoping to come home at Christmas, but who knows. The Army is such a messed up organization. We took the girls to Chuckie Cheese last night, and I was sitting there fighting the tears back the entire time. Shane is assuring me that it is really going to be better that I'm leaving because he is going to be gone so much training and he won't have to worry about us being at home alone. He is being promoted to Sergent too, so he is assuming more responsibility which will even take more of his time. It also hurts me knowing that I am going home to my sick dad. I don't know how to describe how I am feeling. All I know, is that my heart feels so empty and sad. I have nightmares EVERY NIGHT! It's usually about death. I stay up until 4am and still can't go to sleep. I lay in the bed with millions of thoughts just running through my head. On top of the mental craziness I'm having, I have an ear infection that hurts like something awful and a pulled muscle in my lower back. WAAA WAAA!!! I guess I need to have a pity party huh? I know there are so many people out there dealing with so much more than I am. I know I need to count my blessings and not the negative in my life. It's so hard. I have had so much going on for for long (if that makes since). Please pray that I can be strong for my sweet girls and for me. Pray for my mom and dad. Pray for Shane. Pray for Kelsey and Kaley. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Daddy's Cancer

My daddy recieved bad news today, his cancer has come back! We don't know many details or what is to come. He has been having trouble with fluid building up in his stomach, but they tested it last week and said there were no cancer cells. He had more took out a few days ago, and his oncologist called today and wanted to see him. He told him this time there were cancer cells. Dr. Yee (his oncologist) is going to contact Duke, MD Anderson, and other hospitals to determine the best treatment option. PLEASE PRAY that he can fight it this time as he did back in Jan. Please pray for his mental wellness because right now, it isn't good. Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers as well. Please pray that this battle with pancreatic cancer can be won, Lord Willing! I feel so quilty and selfish for being here in Alaska during the past 2 months when we could have been at home spending "quality" time with him while he felt good. Now, we are going back home to be with him that he's sick again. Kelsey and Kaley think their Papa is going to be well when we get home. What do I do? How do I explain this to them. They are always saying, "I sure hope my papa is well when we go home." If you have a chance, Please say a little prayer for Daddy and also for my Mom. She is such a strong and wonderful woman. Thank you so much! GOD BLESS you all!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Friday, August 8, 2008

All Packed Up and Ready to Go

I heard Kelsey yelling, "Let ME OUT, I"M GONNA DIE!" I run in the room where she is and Kaley had her zipped all the way up in a suitcase. After I got over the initial scare, and a little talk with the girls about NOT ZIPPING HER SISTER UP, they had a lot of fun for about an hour with the suitcase. Hey, anything that keeps them occupied.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Exciting News

My brother and Samantha just found out they are expecting their 2nd child sometime in April:) I'm so excited for them!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going Home

After searching for over 4 hours I finally booked the girls and I a flight home. We will be leaving Anchorage on Thursday, Aug 14 and arriving in Charlotte Friday morning. This is a few days later than I had planned on, but when I started trying to book a flight, there were not 3 seats available together on any of the flights. Thankfully I finally found one. So, for those of you back home, we will see you soon!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Weekend

We had a great weekend, mostly due to the fact that we got to spend quality "family" time together. On Friday, the girls and I went downtown to the Imaginarium, a science center type place. We went to pick Shane up and we all headed to Outback for a Yummy meal. We all ate like pigs. Saturday, we all slept until noon, got dressed and took the girls Iceskating, their new favorite thing to do. Then we all went bowling and had a ton of fun. Today, we went to H2Oasis (an indoor waterpark), which was a BLAST! They have an amazing slide (one of a kind) that goes all around the building. The only bad thing is walking up the 10 flights of stair to get there. That's tuff for someone who is as out of shape as I am. Of course the girls are right up them with no problem. I thought I would die when I reached the top. Anyways...we had a great weekend. Next weekend will be our last weekend here:( We are going on the camping trip that we were supposed to go on this weekend. are a few pictures.

Downtown Anchorage

50th Anniversary of becoming a state

I went to pick Shane up at his company and I saw these boots hanging over the power line. He told me the story behind shoes being thrown over power lines. He said someone threw these boots over the line in memory of a soldier killed in Iraq.

Granny Bowling

After they turned the neon lights on. The girls loved it!

She was so excited she got the bubble to the top without it popping.

The were really scared of this when we first went in.

This is what most of the "beaches" in Alaska look like. If you walk on it, you will Sink.

Rolling down the hill

Rolling down the hill

I had to take a picture of the caboose. My brother and I use to love to guess what color the caboose would be.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vote for my photo

Please vote for my photo (If you like it anyways.) Thanks! Here is the link

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A Walk on the Beach
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Summer Fun Contest

The girls enjoying a walk on a BEAUTIFUL summer's day at Beluga Point outside Anchorage, Alaska.

Children's Minds

Do you ever wish you could get inside the minds of your children and ask WHY? Why do you do that? Why is that so fun? Why can't you WALK instead of run, jump, skip, etc? Why? Etc, Etc, Etc! I would love to get inside the minds of my silly girls. They do things that I just do not understand. For example...Kaley came in the living room a little while ago and said, "Mommy, will you help us take our beds apart." I look at her and ask "For what?" So I go in their room to find, they already had one of their beds apart. Why? Why do they do things like this? I know they are being "kids" and theirs minds are always working and learning. But some things my kids do, I just don't get it. And the thing with my girls, they work together to get into stuff. Maybe that makes it worse. I think I just need a break. I have been with these girls for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the past 2 months. NO BREAK AT ALL!!! I take a bath/shower, they are right there with me, "Mommy can I can in...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?" I go to the bathroom, they are banging on the door, I go in another room just to have a little bit of peace and quiet, they are right there with me, "Mommy Mommy Mommy" AHHHHHHHHH!!!! They have SO MUCH ENERGY! Non stop energy, not even long enough to sit down and eat. "mommy, can we go outside." "mommy can we ride bikes", "Mommy, will you play this with me?", "Mommy, Can I do this" I want this" I'm so hungry" I'm thirsty".

But you know, I am so blessed with 2 beautiful little girls whom are the love of my life. God gave me these two precious little girls to take care of and to love. Sometimes, I feel so quilty because I get so frustrated at them. Okay, so that's my thought for the day. I am going to go and try to get them to sleep now considering it's 12:30 am.