Monday, January 12, 2009

Girls New Haircut

So, we’ve been trying to let the hair grow long but we just couldn’t take it anymore. The tangles, the knots, the crying, the whining, the taking 20 mins. to blow dry, etc. So I decide to take them to Snip It’s. My instructions were to cut in a slightly layered “bob” with the length being between their shoulder and chin. When she did the first cut I think my mouth jaw hit the floor.  I really wanted to say, “Ummm….doesn’t that look a little shorter than I asked?” But I knew it wouldn’t do any good so I kept my mouth shut. I do think it’s cute, but does need to grow a little.




Snaggle Tooth Kaley

Snaggle Tooth

Crazy Kelsey P1120927b P1120928j P1120930


Kelsey sticking her touch out and Kaley P1120933 P1120934

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