Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kinsley's new ride

Miss Kinsley had sadly outgrown her infant seat:( She still fit in it okay, but she is very tall and the straps were getting "below" her shoulders and they should be level with of a little higher than their shoulders. Anyways...I decided with the Graco My Ride 65. I do not think she will outgrow this one for a while. Weight wise my twins could ride in this thing at 7 years old. They are 54 lbs, but about 53 or 54inches tall. They of course had to try it out to prove to them they were too tall for it. LOL! is sweet girl in her new ride.

From 2010 05 24

From 2010 05 24

From 2010 05 24


The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

It appears that you are misinformed about where the straps on Miss Kinsley's car seat should be in relation to her shoulders. When she is REAR FACING the straps should be at or BELOW her shoulders. It's not until she turns forward facing that they should be above. Please please if you have them above her shoulders currently, rethread them so that they are below her shoulders.. VERY IMPORTANT for safety reasons. For more information read your owners manual or reference these links.

Please change this before you ride in the car anymore. Perhaps maybe she isn't too big for her infant seat after all.

Amanda said...

I actually have hers level with her shoulders. She was within a half inch of if not at the max height of 29 inches for her infant seat. The weight was 22 lbs which she has not hit. The straps in her infant seat did not fit her properly anymore:( Thank you for the info though:)