Wednesday, September 22, 2010

11 months

Kinsley is 11 months. I guess it's that time to start planning a first birthday party. We are celebrating her actual birthday at Disney World dining at the Crystal Palace with Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and some very special relatives, I have not seen in probably 10 years. Both of our families have grown since and I look forward to meeting your husband and two beautiful little boys, Kristen! Anyway, I do plan on having her a party here for family and friends as well.

* She waves at anyone and everyone. We were talking to Shane on the webcam the other day and she waved at him almost the entire time.

* She is standing for longer periods of time everyday.

* She says "Ma Ma" and "Na Na" (my mom"

* She LOVES books

* She loves to open and close anything (cabinets, drawers, doors, books, etc.)

* She loves to eat anything and everything (except baby food)

* She still loves drinking her bottle so I'm thinking I may have a harder time getting her off a bottle than I did with the twins. She may fool me though.

* She screams almost everyday while we are in the carline picking up the girls from school. If she's not screaming she is asleep. If I get there really early, I get her out and let her sit up front with me.

* I haven't taught her any baby sign language except for "all done" which she is really good at. She lets me know when she is all done. I do plan on teaching her more.

*She still enjoys her swing. If I do not get a shower during her morning nap (which usually isn't long), I put her in the swing in front of her Baby Einstein DVD and she loves it. I know I know, TV is bad for babies. 20-30 mins of this isn't going to hurt her in my opinion. Sometimes you have to do what ya have to do.

*She loves her NA NA (my mom)

*Her favorite song is "THis Little Light of Mine"

Now for the pictures I took of her today. I know I have a watermelon outfit on her which is for summer and it's almost Oct., but when it's still 93 degrees outside, you can't exactly put on fall clothes.

From Kinsley 11 months

From Kinsley 11 months

From Kinsley 11 months

From Kinsley 11 months

From Kinsley 11 months

From Kinsley 11 months

From Kinsley 11 months

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The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

We are soooo excited to be spending Kinsley's actual 1st birthday with her, well, and you, Shane and the big girls' too, of course! :) I can't believe it's really been like 10 years since we saw you and I'm so excited to finally get together again... perhaps we can make it something that occurs at least a little more frequently because I would like to see the young ladies again before they head off to college! ha.

love you guys and can't wait to meet "walking" Miss K and all the Ks! :)