Tuesday, February 22, 2011

16 months

Miss Kinsley turned 16 months on the 22nd. Where does time go?

24 lbs 3 oz
33 in.
18-24 months clothes
size 5 & 5 1/2 shoe

*Loves to climb anything and everything, including her sisters bunk bed ladder.
*She is fascinated with flushing the toilet & the opening the dishwasher, pulling everything out and then climbing on it. Why don't they make dishwasher locks? They have locks for everything else, why not dishwashers? I bought some refridirator locks to put on it.
*Her temper is really starting to show. She stomps her feet when she doesn't get her way.
*She LOVES music. Her favorties are "If you're Happy and You Know it", "This little light of mine" and "I'm yours" by jason Maraz.
*She likes to dance
*She is started to repeat more and more words.
*Her favorite words are:
*Da Da
*Ma Ma
*Na Na
*No No
*Ba (bath)
*cool (school) When you ask her where her sisters are she says, "cool"
*Da (done)
*Bye Bye
*She says Hey DaDa, Hey Na Na, and Hey Kitty

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