Friday, March 11, 2011

Doctor's Visit (Updated with Video)

I took Kinsley to see Dr. D today because after a week of having a "cold" she just wasn't getting any better. I'm not one to drag my kids to the doctor for every little sneeze and cough and usually try to let it run it's course. Enough is enough though. So, here we go again. Just as I though, another ear infection, tons of fluid in her ears. That is four straight months with fluid in the ears, and 4 or 5 different types of antibiotics. We also discussed Kinsley's breathing and she mentioned the "Tracheomalacia" that the ENT dianosed her with at about 9 months. I have always been kind of skeptical about that diagnosis and knew her breathing was not just "noisy breathing." The poor baby gives out of breath so easily. So, about a month ago I videoed her and showed it to her doc. today. She said, "Wow, she sounds like my Dad breathing." The thing is, her lungs sound great. So she seems to think her adenoids are blocking her nasal passages, which makes since, because she always has her mouth open and her tounge hanging out. So, we are being sent back to the ENT for ear tubes and adenoids removal consulation. I know it's a pretty quick and simple procedure and I know it will make her feel so much better. She also added singulair to her long list of medications. YUCK! I'm still not sure I'm going to give it to her. Any one out there had any experience with singulair? Here is a short video and Kinsley's everyday breathing with any sort of activity. This is after crawling up a flight of stairs. She gives out of breath so easily, even when she's not sick.

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The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

Colby is on Singulair. add it to his cocktail of other meds and he's doing well with it. I think it helps keep the seasonal fluids that come and go at bay. He doesn't get the sniffles daily and weekly anymore and now when he's sick I know he's actually really "sick" and not just got the lingering cold. I haven't seen any side effects at all with him on it and he's been on it for since I can remember. He was first on the disolvable powder that we put in his applesauce and he never even knew it and now he's old enough to take the chewable tablet. I'm all for keeping the fluids in his lungs and nasal passages down so I don't mind giving it to him since I think it's actually helping. Couple the extra fluid all the time with his asthma and we'd have a real problem on our hands often with far worse effects. I give it to him at bedtime. Not sure if it helps or not with any of the side effects but he seems to be fine. sounds like you have a duplicate of my kiddoes on your hands. He too had his tubes and adenoids done. Hasn't had an ear infection since if that helps you rest easier! ;)