Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Official "Gym Mom"

So, it appears I am going to be a "Gym Mom".  My girls have been taking a 2 hour strength training class since September and at the time couldn't even do a cart wheel with their legs straight.  They received an invitation to try out for a competition "team", and out of 120 girls that tried out, only 26 made it. Guess who was 2 of those girls...Yep, Kelsey and Kaley.  I am truly amazed at how far they have come. So after talking with them and trying to make them understand what a serious commitment this is now only to themselves, but to the gym, their team, and to us as a family.  It's a big financial commitment as well, as I'm sure any competition sport is.  I am very excited in watching them grow and to see what the next year has in store for them as far as Gymnastics:)

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