Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our first meeting

We had our first meeting yesterday with the school psychologist and speech pathologist yesterday, along with Kinsley's Early Interventionist. It mostly consisted of me answering questions and signing paper work. They did a vision and hearing screening on her also. She failed the hearing part of it so they are send her to an audiologist to have further testing done. At a very high decibel, she could hear the bird tweeting and put the block in the box as they asked her to do. However, as they lowered it a little and changed the pitch, all of us in the room could hear it through the headphones, and she wasn't even blinking her eyes. She made no facial expressions or anything. So, I guess we will add an audiologist to our group of professionals that see her. They also noted her voice being hoarse. It has been hoarse for several months now, but I was kind of trying to wait until her 3 year old checkup. However, they want me to go ahead and take her to an ENT because of possible nodules on her vocal chords. Anyway, they all agreed she needed the full evaluation, which will take place at the end of September.

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