Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The girls had their appointment with the Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor yesterday. As soon as he looked in the girls mouth he said, "WOAH!" Yeah, they have HUGE tonsils. They measure them on a scale from plus 1-4, and theirs is a plus 4 meaning they are so big they touch. He said, "They can't be sleeping good at night." I have been trying to tell their Pediatrician since August about their sleeping, snoring, sleep apnea, mouth breathing, etc. She would give them allergy medicine and stuff to spray up their nose. But anyway, after school is out both girls will be having their tonsils and adenoids taken out. I am TERRIFIED of the fact of them having surgery. I know they need it and will feel so much better but it still scares me. He also said, they need to rest and be on "light activity" for 2 weeks after the surgery to prevent bleeding. For those of you that know my wild and crazy girls, know this is almost impossible! I'm not sure of the date yet, but they are going to call me within 5 days to set up the surgery.

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