Thursday, August 27, 2009

Missing in Action

I thought I should post considering it's almost been a month. Still not a whole lot to post about. The girls started first grade. They are in different classes this year and are doing well. The first week was very difficult for them. The first day of school they broke my heart when they got in the car. They said, "We DO NOT like being in different classes and I never want to be in different classes again." Kelsey replied, "Yeah, I kept 'thanking' (thinking) Kaley needed me and I wanted her." Kaley said, "And at lunch I wanted my sister so bad." They still say they miss one another, but I think it's really good for them to be apart.

The pregnancy is going well. I can't believe I am almost 31 weeks. Where does time go? I am getting so nervous because the girls were born at 33 weeks. I hope this one stays put for a little longer. I am still down 25 lbs pre-pregnancy weight and haven't gained a single pound of it back. I guess pregnancy is my weight loss solution. I'm sure my day is coming though and I will blow up like a balloon. The heartburn is kicking in and the braxton hicks a little more often. But for the most part, I feel great!! We are getting SO EXCITED about seeing Shane. He is comming home mid-Oct for his 2 week R&R. If this baby does hang in there, I am going to try and schedule a c-section around Oct. 20. I was hoping for a V-Bac but considering circumstances, I'm not so sure that will happen.

Here are a few random pictures.

1) The girls waiting their turn on the "surfing" ride at the Simpsonville waterpark.
2) First day of first grade
3) My sweet niece, Rachel
4) The girls helping hold our amazing cousin, Jasmine at her 7th birthday party. The girls love her to death. This child melts my heart just to be in the same room with her. She is 7 years old and has NEVER been able to drink, eat, swallow, sit, stand, roll over, etc., and has been through numerous MAJOR surgeries, but the smile this child has will brighten anyones day! I also admire her parents, Susan and David, whom fostered this child from birth and was able to adopt her a few years ago.




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