Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am so excited Kinsley seems to have finally grasped the concept of rolling from her belly to her back. Due to her thyroid disease, which can cause developmental delays, I was getting very concerned about her. My twins were rolling both ways by her age and they were born 7 weeks premature. We see the Endocrinoligist this week so I am going to bring some of my concerns to her attention, but I'm sure she is just fine. From being around several other babies her age, she seems to behind them in her physical development. For example, when I lay her on her back, usually she just lays there. She doesn't kick, squirm and roll like the other babies. She lays there looking at you with those big blue eyes and a smile on her face that will melt your heart. I am hoping she is just a very laid baby baby girl.

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