Friday, July 2, 2010

Hopefully it's short lived

5 out of the past 7 days Kinsley's sleeping patterns have been way off. She wakes up around 11 pm screaming and the only way I can calm her is by giving her a bottle. I was trying to just get her back to sleep because I don't want her to get in the habbit of waking up to drink a bottle, but after attempting to rock, bounce, walk around with, it was the only way. On top of that, she's been waking around 6 am which is also unusual. She goes back to sleep, but it's not like her normal 11-12 hour sleep pattern. She has slept all night since around 4 month so it has me wondering why??? Why is she waking up again?

My thoughts:

1) She is not eating enough during the day to fill her up through the night
2) She is overly tired by our "going" during the day. We are always on the go trying to keep the twins entertained.
3) Hot/Cold?? (I try and keep it the same temp. in the house so doubt this one)
4) Night Terrors
5) Can't breath well

I am going to try today to feed her more "food" and see if this helps. She loves her bottle and had much rather have a bottle than food but maybe it's just not satisfying her anymore. Any other suggestions??

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