Thursday, July 15, 2010

Still no "Confirmed" Answers

Kinsley saw the ENT yesterday and after doing an Laryngoscopy, he said he the MOST LIKELY diagnosis is a mile case of tracheomalacia. The only way to confirm that is to put her through a surgical procedure and he did not recommend putting her through that unless she gets worse. Basically he said, just keep watching her and make sure she doesn't get worse and she should outgrow it by the time she is 2. The only treatment is to place a trach in the airway, and PRAISE THE LORD, her case (if it's what she has) is not that severe. So...the question of what is going on with my baby is still unanswered. I am thankful he thinks it is somthing she will outgrow, but I there is still that uncertainty that that's what it is. Do I take his answer and deal with it, Do I get a second opinion, Do I keep pushing for answers??? I do plan on talking with her pediatrician about it again next week and get her opinion on it. I also plan on talking with her Endocrinologist as well. I am having a hard time accepting what he is saying because she struggles so hard sometimes to breathe and as you may have noticed on pictures, she holds her mouth open ALL TIME TIME with her tounge partically hung out. It's so frustrating!!

They did the laryngoscopy, in which they put a fiber optic scope up her nose and down the back of her throat and gave her no anesthesia. My heart was breaking for her as I had to sit and hold her little arms down. Today, she has felt very bad and had "cold like" symptoms. I'm not sure if the procedure and/or the bee stings has anything to do with it or if she is just getting a cold. Last night was a bad night for sleep and I have a feeling tonight will be worse. She is just pitiful!

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