Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 months

My sweet baby can't be 10 months already:( Knowing she is my last makes every milestone a little sad. She was 10 months on the 22nd and still haven't gotten around to taking pictures. Hopefully today I will be able take her out for a photoshoot.


* She can "patticake" (that's how us southerners say it)

* She loves to play peek-a-boo by holding a blanket up over her face. She usually peeks out of one side like you can't see her. Too sweet!

* She can wave but she waves her entire arm and when she does, she puts her head down and shakes her head too. It's so funny!

* She has learned to shake her head "no" when she doesn't want something.

* She is crusing along everything.

* She ADORES her big siters and I'm not sure who entertains who more. They all 3 crack oneanother up.

* She gives me a hug by laying her head on my shoulder, making the SWEETEST noises, and pats me. It melts my heart, especially when I don't ask her to do it.

* Her favorite time of day is bathtime. The child LOVES the water and she loves to take a bath with her big sisters.

* At her last Endocrinology appointmnet, we got our first normal thyroid reading after trying her on a little more meds:) YAY! I was so excited! This time she gets to go 2 months between labs instead of 3 weeks:)

* I took her to stride rite and had her feet measure and shoes tried on. She has never worn shoes before but I know she will be walking soon and it will be getting fall and she will need them. Needless to say, the child had a tantrum.

* I'm not sure of her height and weight. She seems to be thinning out a little. Notice, I said A LITTLE:) She still has some chunky legs:) She has had really bad diarrehea for the past 3 weeks so I think she is still around the 20 lb mark. It is finally getting better.

* She can say "MA MA"

This child melts my heart and I thank God for my little unplanned blessing:)

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