Monday, December 13, 2010

Pampers vs Huggies

When the twins were babies and in diapers, Huggies were the only diapers that worked well with them. They were always very small and for whatever reason, the Huggies just fit them best and didn't leak. So when Kinsley was born, I had already stocked up on Huggies. At first they did okay. Then it got to where every night she would wake up and her clothes would be soaked. At first, I tried a bigger size but still didn't help. I finally switched to Pampers and guess more waking up at night with wet clothes. Normally, I but the giant boxes at Babies R Us or Toys R Us, because of the coupons, gift cards, and free box after you buy 9 boxes, but I have not had the chance to go so I had to go by our local CVS and buy a small pack of diapers yesterday. They had Huggies on sale, so I though, what the heck, I would give them another try. What do you know....Kinsley woke up at 4 am and her clothes were soaked.

Which do your prefer? My thoughts are maybe Huggies work on smaller babies and Pampers on chunkier babies. Pampers never worked on the twins and Huggies don't work on Kinsley.


Alison said...

We used (or still use) Huggies because I could get them cheaper for MAG and had the same problem at night but we would buy the overnight Huggies for her to use at night and they worked great! She seemed to leak with pampers! It is so weird how different babies need different diapers!

The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

Ok so I'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment about this but I feel your pain. I used to be a Pampers only fan way back when Colby was a baby. Then I discovered Huggies Little Movers, just as good and a heck of a lot cheaper because I get all the Huggies coupons and nearly no Pampers coupons.

And then came the nighttime drown rat that I had for a baby once he was older than a year.

So here's what I use and find it to work great.
We either buy Pampers Cruisers or Huggies Little Movers for daytime, whichever I can get on sale. Don't buy the Pampers Baby Dry or the Huggle Snug n Dry, they leak big time. But it seems like if you pay just a wee bit more it works oh so much better, he's dry and happy. BUT for nighttime he was ending up soaked. The only way to go... Huggies OVERNIGHTS. The pampers version of the nighttime diaper are TERRIBLE!!! They hold less I think than the cruisers. I tried them for 1 week and then donated the rest he was waking up twice a night drenched.

Anyways, long story short, definitely get the Huggies Overnights. We use Size 4 so that's probably what Kinsley's in as well.