Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bottle Free

Today was my first day not giving Kinsley a bottle and it was a success, for us both! I honestly think I am having a harder time than she is. I know she is my last and I wanted to keep her a baby as long as possible. She also has been refusing to drink milk (even flavored) from a cup and it was much easier to put her thyroid medicine in her bottle. Yeah I know, excuses!! So what led me to finally do it?? Yesterday evening, she was tired and ill and when I tried to give her a sippy cup, she threw it down. She then looked at my Mom and said, "Dottle". The child was asking for a bottle. Right then I knew, ok, when a baby is old enough to ask for a bottle, I guess it should be taken away. I knew the longer I waited the harder it would be. She has only asked for it twice today. This morning when I gave her a cup, she once again threw it down, and said, "Dottle!" Then tonight she kept saying it. But I was not going to give in so after Day one, we are bottle free. No turning back.

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