Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kinsley's surgery

Kinsley's surgery went well! Her adenoids were big, as expected, so hopefully once she is healed up, we will see some improvement on her breathing and ear infections. She didn't want to wake up from her anesthesia, but after about an hour she finally woke up. There was a baby in recovery beside us that came out after her, but yet went home a good hour before us. My little beauty needed her rest. We had a rough evening Friday, and a bad day Saturday. I think her throat is sore. Today, she hasn't been as irratable, but still not wanting to eat. Hopefully soon she will be back to normal! Thanks for all your prayers

Before Surgery

After Surgery in Recovery

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anton said...

I feel pity for this little third fairy. I really want to pamper Kinsley. She is so quite.