Friday, July 18, 2008

In Need of Prayers

I talk with Mama today and she was telling me Daddy isn't doing too well right now. His nerves are really getting to him once again, he's not eating, he's not sleeping, and he doesn't want to get out of the house a lot. She said his stomach is really swollen from the fluid and he continues to loose weight, even with the fluid. The doctor gave him some medicine to help him sleep and some medicine to hopefully calm his nerves a little. He goes on Monday to have some of the fluid drawn out and tested to see whether or not it has cancer cells in it. Please keep him in your prayers. It's so hard being so far away from him right now. When we first came to Alaska, he was doing very well. I feel like us being gone has him depressed also. The girls gave him hope and gave him something to fight for. Even when he felt bad, he tried not to show it in front of them. They always made his day brighter and had a way of making him feel better. I want my family to be together and am loving every moment of it, but yet I worry so much about my dad and almost feel guilty for being here. I am in a position where I don't know what's best. I tend to think the worst at being, if I stay here my Daddy may get worse and not be here on this earth very much longer and I have taken then girls away from him during the few months he was feeling good. Then I think, if I go back home now and Shane deploys to Afganistan in Jan., he may be killed and we will never see him again. AHHHHHH!!!! You know, I could scream right now. My heart is torn on what to do. I am worried about both my daddy and my husband dying. I know all of our lives are in God's hands and none of us are promised another breath. Please pray for all of us. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I'm gonna try to go get some sleep considering it's 3:30 am. Good Nite.


Christan Trotter said...

Amanda- I've had the same thoughts and feelings several nights! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Personally I feel that you are doing the right thing being in Alaska with Shane. Your girls need him and have already missed out on so much time with him! He is their daddy and he needs them too! Keep me posted and know you and your family are always in my prayers!

Robin said...

Hi Amanda and Shane. I stumbled onto your blog through Ali's and was delighted to find it. I loved the pictures of the beautiful country sides and snow capped mountains, WOW! I know you're having a tough time being pulled emotionally and nobody, including me, can tell you the right thing to do. Speaking as a Grandaddy, I know it's just as tough on your dad. I know he's wanting to be with you and the girls but he also knows the girls need to be with their dad. All I can do is lift you and your family up in my prayers that God will give you peace and comfort in the decisions you make.
Keep posting the pictures, we love seeing them.