Friday, July 11, 2008

Missed Photo Opportunities

Just the other day, Shane was laughing at me because I never leave the apartment without my camera. For those of you that know me, I have an obsession with photo opportunities I guess you could say. Anyways, I told him, "You never know what you're gonna see!". So this evening we go to take the girls swimming, and guess what, I didn't take the camera. I realized it as I was getting in the car, but thought to myself, "The pool is a half mile away and I've already taken pictures of the girls swimming. I think I'll be okay without it." We get to the pool and I'm watching Shane and the girls swimming, jumping off the diving board, and going down the slide just like always. Only today, they decided they would go off the high dive platform, with no hesitation and no fear. They went right off the thing. I was sitting in amazement that my 5 year olds were going off this thing when I sit and watch rough and tuff Army guys afraid to jump off. And guess what...I didn't have my camera. I was SO MAD AT myself. The girls continued jumping over and over. Then my crazy husband must have told poor Kaley to do a flip. Well, lets just say she tried and landed flat on her belly OFF THE HIGH DIVE!! The came up crying...the life guard was ready to dive in after her, but Shane got to her first. After about 5 mins. she was back up there ready to go again. Her tummy is still red and it's been hours. So that was the first missed photo op. On the way home during the 1/2 mile drive, I look on the side of the road, were 3 HUGE Moose, which included 2 Bull Moose (male), which are rarely seen. And guess what, I didn't have my camera. I made Shane bring me home to get the camera and go back, but by the time we got back they were gone. I'm sure to most this is no big deal, but to me, being the crazy person who has to take pictures of everything, It's so disappointing.

So, is that ok for a first blog? I needed something to do at night, or lets say early morning hours, when I can't sleep. The girls and I have really got on a bad schedule since being in Alaska. We sleep till 1 pm so we stay up late. I am fighting with them right now to go to sleep and it's almost 1 am. It's so hard to go to bed when it isn't dark


Corrie said...

I'm the same way with a camera - at least on trips or at work. I always have it with me - you never know when you're going to get a good picture! People I go on trips with don't bring a camera because they know I'll have mine. :)

Christan Trotter said...

I am SO glad you have a blog! I am addicted to these things! Now I can definitely keep up with you guys! I don't always get the chance to get to my MySpace, but I check these multiple times a day!

Kristy said...

Hey Amanda! I know what you mean about the camera ~ mine goes everywhere with me too!