Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas just wasn't Christmas this year. The girls of course were excited over their trampoline, roller blades, and other gifts, but it just was so different. My Mom and I decided we would take the girls to the movies to see "Marley and Me" thinking it would be a fun movie and keep our minds off of Daddy. Maybe God was telling us we didn't need to forget, but that movie was far from being fun, it was probably one of the saddest movies I've ever seen. I will not spoil the movie for those wishing to see it, but all I could think about was Daddy and the day he passed away. I was in that moment again and my Mom and I both lost it!! So, instead of leaving the theater laughing and talking about what a great movie it was, we left in silence with tears streaming down our faces. That evening my brother, his wife and little girl came over. We took a family picture with just Mom. It was just so sad. I was suppose to go to Shane's family for Christmas, but after the day we had had, I just couldn't go. Both of Shane's grandparent's had passed away this past year and I couldn't take myself to another house where 2 more special people were missing. I hope and pray I did not offend his family by not being there. I am so sorry! One of the girls said in their prayer on Christmas Eve, "God, I hope my Papa has a good Christmas in Heaven."

I will post picture soon!

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Kelly said...

We were not at all offended and said and extra prayer for you. I know it had to have been so very tough.
I love you and can't wait to get the girls together again.