Monday, March 16, 2009

The innocence of a child

I just wanted to share some things my girls have said lately...

*The other night Kelsey went out with my Mom to feed the dogs. It was pretty dark outside and Kelsey asked my Mom if she could go sit in my Daddy's swing. Everyday (before he got sick), when he came home from work, he would go sit in his swing, play with the dogs, and swing for hours. Now his swing sits empty. Anyway, Mom let her go down there. She sat in the swing, and prayed, "I sure hope my Papa is having a good time playing with God"

*We went to Blue Bay to eat last week and they always want to throw money in the wishing well thing they have. Kelsey looked at me and said, I wished my Papa was still real.

*Kaley came home from school last week and said, "Mommy, I am so mad at both of my teachers." I asked her "why?" She said, "they didn't let my sissy have an ice cream at lunch today because she didn't eat her food." She said, "they let me have one and I cried because she didn't get one. I shouldn't have gotten one either." She was so upset.

*When it snowed, the girls of course wanted to build a snowman. Kaley wanted to put her Papa's Byrnes Rebels hat on the snowman. When she put it on him, she said, "I bet my Papa is saying, Look at those silly girls using my hat for that snowman." and then she giggled.

The girls have been really worried about me because I have been throwing up. I tried to explain to them that I was ok and that a lot of women with babies in their bellies throw up. They told Mom yesterday, "My Mommy is really sick" I think they associate it with my Dad. He threw up all the time, and I think they associate it with his illness:(

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