Thursday, March 12, 2009

The pregnancy thing has kicked in

I thought I was going to be lucky this time around and not have the "morning" sickness. Well the past week, more so the past few days, it has decided to make it's appearance. I am by no means complaining (maybe whining a little), because so far is is NOTHING compared to last time. When I was pregnant with the twins, I was CONSTANTLY throwing up the ENTIRE time I was pregnant. So far, I have really bad nausea and a little vomiting from morning until about 1 or so. Then I start feeling some better. Then late in the evening the nausea comes back. I am thankful so far that this is all I have to deal with. Hopefully this means it's just 1 baby and I pray the constant throwing up doesn't decide to show up. I've been coming home in the mornings after taking the girls to school and going back to bed for 4 hours. I am still so tired I can hardly move. And then of course, there is the emotions! I do have a lot to be emotional about right now, but yesterday I was an EMOTIONAL WRECK!! The thought that I can't pick up the phone and call Shane anytime I want or text him just to say I LOVE YOU, and our everynight conversations. The thought that he will never see me pregnant, well hopefully he'll get to make it for delivery, never feel the baby move, not go to doctors appointments with me, and then of course there is the girls. These of course are only the least of my fears. I have been through this before when he was in Iraq. OF course, I wasn't pregnant, but this time seems so much harder. Shane has me so worried. The past couple of weeks he has not been himself. He has been calling everyone (people he normally doesn't call), doing weird stuff, taking out an additional life insurance policy, and all types of things. He makes comments like, "I need to talk to the girls one last time, etc" I'm not sure if they told him they are going to a bad area, or what the deal is. He seems so much more concerned this time around than the first. Maybe it's because he has been there and done that. I have no idea when I will hear from Shane, but everyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for him, his fellow soldiers, and their families.

The girls are so excited about being a big sister. I wasn't going to tell them until after the first trimester just in case something happens, but I figured if I didn't someone would. They said, "Mom, you have to go buy us all matching outfits and I was it's name to start with a K like ours." They are hoping for a baby brother. If it is a boy I am going to some way use my Dad's name in the baby's middle name. Ok, I am off to bed now. I can't remember the last time I went to bed this early. I'm about to fall over.

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Christan Trotter said...

Please feel free to call me ANYTIME you are feeling emotional - be it pregnancy related or deployment related! Afghanistan is a totally different ballgame than Iraq. It is the hotspot now. Few understand that. I am here for ANYTHING you need! I am, as always, praying for you and your family. Take it one day at a time and STAY BUSY!!