Monday, January 16, 2012


Santa has arrived! The big girls don't believe in Santa anymore, but they still like to play along. They are such "realist" and have never had an imagination, so no kidding, at 5 years old, they were questioning me about Santa. They have to know all the facts and details about everything.



The twins were SO EXCITED to see the electic scooters they have been begging me for for YEARS! I had them convined they were not getting them because they were just too dangerous. HA! SURPRISE!!!

They quickly ripped through their wrapped gifts and on to the stockings. Another surprise...A CELL PHONE! That is something I had convinced them they couldn't have until they were 12. Some people may think I'm crazy for getting my almost 9 year olds cell phones, but as much as they go out in the neighborhood and play, at least I can keep up with them at all times. When we were 9, we used our landline to talk, right? We don't have a landline, and I was tired of them using my phone all the time.


Kinsley loving her new baby stroller










Kinsley excited because she found candy in her sisters stocking. This child LOVES LOVES LOVES sweets!




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