Sunday, September 21, 2008

Counting my blessings

I visited with Shane's grandpa last night at the nursing home and talking with him made me realize that I need to count the many blessings in my life instead of the negative in my life. God has blessed me and lately I have been forgetting that. I have always enjoyed talking with him and he always manages to bring a smile to my face wether he intends to or not. Please say a little prayers for him. To hear him talk the physical therapy is really getting to him but he seems to be trying so hard because he wants out of that wheelchair.

I am thankful that my Daddy was feeling a little better today. On Friday he had a blood transfusion. They gave him 2 pints of blood. That evening we took him to the ballgame on Friday in a wheelchair. He cried several times. The president of the Rebel Regiment booster club gave him a blanket at the beginning of the game. Then during halftime, they read his biograpy, then asked him if he felt like coming on the field. He didn't go, but after their performance Mr. Mac (the band director) came over and talked with us and my dad. He gave him a RR hat and golf shirt. He teared up again. He was really exhausted when we got home. Yesterday he was very sick. It was probably one of the worst days yet. He was vomiting all day long and didn't get out of the bed. I finally talked him into taking the medicine the doctor had given him for nausea. Today, he looks so much better. He still hasn't been up much, but I can tell by his face and the way he is communicating that he felt some better. We pray tomorrow may be an even better day. An elderly woman told mom today at church that she woke up in the middle of the night and her husband was sitting up on the side of the bed. She asked him what he was doing and he replied, "I am praying for Joe." Our church family is amazing!! God has really blessed us with an amazing church and church family.

And God blessed me with two beautiful little girls whom have gotten me through a lot during the past several years.

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