Monday, August 4, 2008

The Weekend

We had a great weekend, mostly due to the fact that we got to spend quality "family" time together. On Friday, the girls and I went downtown to the Imaginarium, a science center type place. We went to pick Shane up and we all headed to Outback for a Yummy meal. We all ate like pigs. Saturday, we all slept until noon, got dressed and took the girls Iceskating, their new favorite thing to do. Then we all went bowling and had a ton of fun. Today, we went to H2Oasis (an indoor waterpark), which was a BLAST! They have an amazing slide (one of a kind) that goes all around the building. The only bad thing is walking up the 10 flights of stair to get there. That's tuff for someone who is as out of shape as I am. Of course the girls are right up them with no problem. I thought I would die when I reached the top. Anyways...we had a great weekend. Next weekend will be our last weekend here:( We are going on the camping trip that we were supposed to go on this weekend. are a few pictures.

Downtown Anchorage

50th Anniversary of becoming a state

I went to pick Shane up at his company and I saw these boots hanging over the power line. He told me the story behind shoes being thrown over power lines. He said someone threw these boots over the line in memory of a soldier killed in Iraq.

Granny Bowling

After they turned the neon lights on. The girls loved it!

She was so excited she got the bubble to the top without it popping.

The were really scared of this when we first went in.

This is what most of the "beaches" in Alaska look like. If you walk on it, you will Sink.

Rolling down the hill

Rolling down the hill

I had to take a picture of the caboose. My brother and I use to love to guess what color the caboose would be.

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Kim said...

These are some amazing photos! I love that you all had such a wonderful family day.

I really enjoyed going through your weekend.