Monday, August 11, 2008

Daddy's Cancer

My daddy recieved bad news today, his cancer has come back! We don't know many details or what is to come. He has been having trouble with fluid building up in his stomach, but they tested it last week and said there were no cancer cells. He had more took out a few days ago, and his oncologist called today and wanted to see him. He told him this time there were cancer cells. Dr. Yee (his oncologist) is going to contact Duke, MD Anderson, and other hospitals to determine the best treatment option. PLEASE PRAY that he can fight it this time as he did back in Jan. Please pray for his mental wellness because right now, it isn't good. Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers as well. Please pray that this battle with pancreatic cancer can be won, Lord Willing! I feel so quilty and selfish for being here in Alaska during the past 2 months when we could have been at home spending "quality" time with him while he felt good. Now, we are going back home to be with him that he's sick again. Kelsey and Kaley think their Papa is going to be well when we get home. What do I do? How do I explain this to them. They are always saying, "I sure hope my papa is well when we go home." If you have a chance, Please say a little prayer for Daddy and also for my Mom. She is such a strong and wonderful woman. Thank you so much! GOD BLESS you all!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

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