Friday, August 22, 2008

What A Day!

Let's just say, I'm praying today is better! Kelsey and Kaley were whinning, fussing, and crying from the moment we got home from school. Kaley has THE WORST tantrum I think I've ever seen her have yesterday evening over something crazy! THe child was histerical. She hit Kelsey as hard as she could and made her fall in the bathroom floor. She intentionally splashed half the water out of the bathtub into the floor. On top of this both of the screaming to the top of their lungs because I told them they were going to bed. Wow...I hope everyday isn't like this. I know they were tired. They aren't use to getting up so early (neither am I), but it was just a horrible day for us all! They woke up in a good mood this morning so I hope it stays that way. They were excited about going to "PT" as they say. (PE) They are use to hearing their daddy talk about PT!


Jessi said...

I am getting a little dose of that my self. Noah is a little more hyper than usual and it seems like he's in a different world when I try to talk to him. But I knew this would happen. I knew that his whole attitude & mood would be out of wack for a little while. But hopefully once everything gets settled, so will he. It's rough for the little ones. They're still babies to me. Hope you & the girls have a better day!! TGIF

Christan Trotter said...

I'm sorry they were giving you such a tough time. Hopefully it has already gotten better. I think its funny that they call PE, PT. The girls do that ALL the time. I am constantly correcting them Gotta LOVE the Army!