Thursday, April 9, 2009

My new Niece

Rachel Addison Nance was born April 7, weighing in a a whopping 8lbs 15 oz. She is 21 inches long. She is a big, healthy, and beautiful baby girl. Say a little prayer for Samantha, they think she may have broken or cracked her tailbone during delivery. She is in a lot of pain. Sarah is very excited to be a big sister. When Chad came out to let us know she had been born, Sarah said, “Is she walking, can I hold her?” She had everyone in the waiting room laughing. We went back to see them and I was holding Sarah, Chad was holding the baby and she was crying. Sarah went to touch her and drew her hand back and said, “OOOH…she’s dirty”

 P4070486 P4070487 P4070488 P4070459   P4070467 P4070468 P4070469 P4070482

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