Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our First ER visit

We were getting ready for the Relay for Life Cookout and the girls were in the living room playing, laughing and having a great time (wrestling). I heard a hard hit, followed by "ARE YOU OK?" followed by screaming. Kelsey came running through the house, "Mama, Mama come quick. Kaley hit her head on the fireplace." I go running down the hall, picked her up and looked at the back of her head and saw blood running out of a gash in the back of her head. I ran, grabbed a towel, and literally ran to my neighbors holding a 45 lbs screaming child. My cousin is a paramedic so I knew he would know what to do. He took one look and said, "Yep, she needs stitches." So, Kelsey stayed with them, and my Mom and I are off to the ER. Well, I was taking her to urgent care at the Village at Pelhman only to get there and find it wasn't open. However, the brand new hospital is open, so we took her next door to the ER. I am still amazed at how quick we were in and out of there. I walked in, the lady asked me her name and date of birth and we were taken right to a room. The insurance lady came in and got all of that info, the doctor came in and looked at it to confirm she needed staples. The nurse came in, cleaned it out, we put ice on it for 5 mins. to help numb her head, then the doc. was back ready to staple. When Kaley turned around and saw the staple gun, she flipped out and went absolutely crazy! Hitting, screaming, kicking, spitting, WOW!!! The doctor and the nurse backed up while I am trying to get control of and hold down an out of control 6 year old. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Finally, I got her in a position where she couldn't move and in went the staples. Poor Baby. I wanted to cry just at the sound of it. So, then we were off about 45 mins. to an hour after arrival. How often does that happen at an ER. My suggestion, if you ever need to go to the ER, go to the new Village at Pelham hospital. Then we were finally off to the Relay for Life cookout, a little late. She has been fine, but it now started to complain of a headache:) Time for the Motrin and bed.

I am now exhausted. For a pregnant woman who can hardly walk from one end of the house to the other without feeling like I am going to fall over, this was a workout. My adrenaline really kicked in. It has now went away and I am off to bed.

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