Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Mini Beach Vacation and Update

Pregnancy Update: I am about 10 weeks and still getting sick as a dog. I have a doctors appointment on Wed. so I’m praying she gives me a prescription for Zofran. I have this awful taste in my mouth all the time, and drinking seems to make it worse. It taste like I have a penny in my mouth all the time. I chew a lot of gum for it’s the only thing that seems to help. I get very motion sick so I have a hard time getting on the computer or watching TV. That’s why the few post lately.


Girls Update: The girls are doing great! They got report cards today and both girls are at a mid first grade reading level, and above grade level in their writing. I’m so proud of them. Kelsey is having some issues with her eyes, but thankfully she doesn’t need glasses, just a little therapy. She has what is called convergence efficiency, which means when she reads, one of her eyes doesn’t work as it should, which causes her bad headaches, her eyes start watering and hurting.  We go back to see the Ophthalmologist in about a month so hopefully, it will have improved.


Shane Update: He is finally getting settled in at his FOB (Foward Operating Base). He is doing okay, but seems so depressed:( If you could say a little prayer, I’m sure he would appreciate it.


Here are some beach pictures. Click on the ALbum to view more!




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Christan Trotter said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm sorry you're not feeling any better. We are praying for you guys!